Ava Max - Salt (Live Performance)

Ava Max

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    1. thouanel regis


    2. thouanel regis

      Haha trop top top top 🙀👍

    3. thouanel regis


    4. thouanel regis


    5. Висхаб Казаев


    6. Висхаб Казаев


    7. jose albert Bracho

      Me encanta este vídeo es muy pop music

    8. Omar

      His beautiful voice ❤️

    9. Omar


    10. Veriiable

      I love this Song 😍

    11. My world of roblox

      Ava max you will always be my favorite singer

    12. INES JOKIC

      This song is for me AMAZING

    13. Saint Perth

      This song is much better than EVERYTIME I CRY....a run away Hits for Heaven and Hell.

    14. Tori Green

      She is crazy talented

    15. Juvy Canua LOVE BTS 💜

      Every song of yours is very good, excellent , amazing 😍😇💗😘

    16. h a


    17. Лайла Идрисова




    19. Mí Nhủa TuCG

      Oh my go ❤❤❤❤❤❤🤩😍😘

    20. Netizen Kepo

      So sexy lady

    21. Scott 454

      The left one.

    22. Erni Nurdiana

      The voicee ... aaah so sexy ..

    23. 윤승기


    24. Aung Thu Htet

      Ava is so beautiful and her voice is so sweet!😍😍💖💖

    25. OPTIMUSD35

      What a woman ,very nice song

    26. Lim yook yoong


    27. Vecüsülü Cümu

      I am from India belonging to Chakhesang community and other people called us as salt(nimok), because we consume lots of salt.

    28. buffbeall

      I love ava

    29. Jacqueline Law

      You are the best AVA

    30. nurul nur Iman nasuha


    31. Minn G

      Most underrated

    32. buffbeall

      My dream is to meat you in person

    33. buffbeall

      I’m a girl and

    34. のんの

      song is nice but the back makes me sick 🙃

    35. __peachteas

      if i had a voice like that why would i not sing everyday ((Im scared for her side boob lmao))

    36. Анатолий Кучер


    37. sparshmellow

      She's like my idol

    38. Tino Dieter Schmidt

      Tino aus Lübz ; Mecklenburg Vorpommen . Deutschland.

    39. Tino Dieter Schmidt

      VIDEOS HAMMER Ava MAX : Geill.

    40. gicll ggy

      Perfect songs

    41. Ajay Popzz

      She is not attracting everyone with those illusions. Her voice is the reason behind it and making us blind...

    42. Nágila Diacuí


    43. Joel Coleman

      She looks pasty, like she needed to go to a tanning salon, like me, in other words

    44. Joel Coleman

      I hadn't seen many videos at the time. Red hair would look much better. And a shirt, even a midriff shirt.

    45. Nabihah Syazwani

      she's looks like Avril + Lady Gaga version

    46. Han Nguyen

      you are best

    47. Han Nguyen


    48. Aleksandro Eurofan

      Salt is my favourite song of Ava Max!👍❤️

    49. Bel

      Ya se te ha visto el plumero sacando la lengua e 😉

    50. Eustaquio

      ok but imagine being hit by one of those circles

    51. Gabriel M

      Super 💫🥰

    52. Лиля Соло


    53. Tran Van Chau

      Her voice is pop very pop. She's a pop singer. I love her. She will always be my favorite singer and pls give A thumb up

    54. emily edmunds


    55. Zaara ShajiKumar

      Nice song ava



    57. Mustahsan Atif

      Why do I love this song so much?

    58. Alfredo Martínez

      Quería verlo completo😪 pero me marie a mitad de video🤦🏽‍♂️😑

    59. STAR kanine🌈🌈Klub

      Hi you ar a Queen Wit songs

    60. Dao Quynh

      Từ nhạc lồngphim điên thì có sao qua.

    61. Dao Quynh

      Bài hát hay quá.

    62. Jason Smith

      When she hits 5 million subscribers in case any of y'all noticed, tell her that I'm proud of her and all the fans that were able to get her that far! I feel like she got more potential coming!

      1. Venusaur

        @THE HUMAN VLOGGER 5.08 now!!!


        Hey its already 5.01M

    63. Mayte Viruel


    64. R. Mona

      I Love your Songs and your new Hair color!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

    65. Connor Shiver-Collins

      The back ground was kind of giving me a headache

    66. Руслан Леурдо

      Костюмы красивые ,себе такой же захотел.

    67. shazk21

      Iv been to hell but I light up the dark so I’m only allowed to visit never stopping

    68. Tran Van Chau

      Guys subscribe her

    69. Quang Linh Bùi

      Hello ...Im from viet nam

    70. Elizabeth Emi

      Avatars kindly support this fanmade mv for salt vithrow.info/round/p9OFwJmej6h2z6E/video

    71. gallai1

      The left one was almost out. 😄😄

    72. LOH RUI QI Moe

      She make me feel better ,thanks Ava 👍😘

    73. prof

      The genuinity on her voice is mind blowing

    74. tuấn cùi vlogs

      l love avamax

    75. Marco Strampel


    76. Musikolia

      je sais pas où ça c'est la vie en fait faut se dire merde et puis toub le monde pzrtira un jour mais en memz temps restez dans vos bulles d'abres henalogiques parfaitement équilibré moi je men fous vs prouve le sur l'émission dans gully yabtoujours ses retournement de situation alors protège ta conscience et ne croiw plus tes parents ils se sont entretues comme des maladresses bien sûr là vous allez pas vous allez me bloquer a pas mettre jai pas envie a chque fois de recoir les memes cideos oubjai mis du blanco pour savoir ce que jai deja nanalyser des tucs bannalec après oui pourquoi tu dis pas à Lomé merde voilà c'est un peu comme des gamins en fait machine alors après vous créer des mirs elle veut dire vous avez compris dans vos Fruits free tzx

    77. Jordan Luces

      I fear for her with those blades getting sinned by the dances!

    78. Mayte Viruel


    79. Mariana Boaca

      I luv u ava! :D

    80. Annisa Saadah

      Ekwkwkwk pusing liat dancernya

    81. 임현서

      This is a great bop!! I love you so much ava😍😍🥰

    82. jaime alejandro ossa vahos

      my love I love you very much and I wish you many successes


      Shes Incredible

    84. Thielly Navas


    85. Dirty Details

      The music

    86. Dirty Details

      OMG it Ava Max I love 🧂

    87. Pulcrapiece

      I say I never cry when I get home I cry

    88. SnowyKeyCharm

      She can definitely sing. Not many music artists can sing anymore.

      1. Skye Wulver

        Do you not know the concept of back tracks? Helps replicate the back vocals that you can only layer together in studio.@Decatron

      2. Decatron

        this is playback just saying..

      3. Skye Wulver

        No autotune, and her live performances are basically as good as her studio tracks. She is one of the most talented singers in the last 20 years.

      4. music_lover

        @Echo Stone meaning that Ava Max is like a really good singer, and you know, there are some singers that sound a little bad sometimes. I think.

      5. Echo Stone


    89. meard dragona

      In Europe Eva Max is just an ordinary singer from America, not something special. She is not a Diva like Whitney Houston, Cher or Celine Dion or a big vocalist as Beyonce. Some hits are nice to hear, but when she is singing ''live'' it is not always hallelujah 4 my ears.

    90. Askhat Degenbaev

      Хорошо. Поет

    91. diário da tamy

      Amo suas músicas vem pro Brasil 😀

    92. Apolo Tommy


    93. Rojalin Das

      your right to rose

    94. Maria Tsimberoudi


    95. SarahBla


    96. Tinh Bui

      Woa , i like 😍

    97. andrey kuznetsov

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      1. SpydersByte

        you ever wonder if maybe you're just a bit crazy?

      2. Dirvinator

        You alright there?

    98. Vero Luján

      My favourite color! Good Energy for all😌👍

    99. Agnieszka Seńkowska


    100. Linh Nguyen

      Bị nghiện bài này😘🥰🥰🥰