Ava Max - H.E.A.V.E.N. [Official Lyric Video]

Ava Max

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    1. miloseviczarko45

      18 September 2021, 1 year of the release of this album. This was the experience of first time listening to this album exactly 1 year ago...

    2. Ame-lee Van Der Walt 👶💛


    3. 𝐃𝐉 𝐂𝐈𝐑𝐎𝐂𝐊


    4. gicll ggy


    5. emily edmunds


    6. Diksha Roy

      0:40 - It's like you voice

    7. amanda

      Que intro perfeita, amei, amei, amei!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    8. Ryan Keane

      I really loved the heaven and hell fantasy kinda style ava used for this album

    9. shazk21

      If heaven is a lie I am the truth

    10. Jonas-Johannes Reisch

      Only Zed Vibes?❤️

    11. edits-pro

      that’s my favorite pop song😻💜

    12. Rawan Skz

      I love all the songs from this album

    13. Ava Max is my queen 👑

      Ava Max is my queen

    14. Raven Underwood

      This makes me feel like I’m heaven

    15. Leopoldo E. Esposito F.

      Me Encanta... Bravoooo

    16. Ron

      The beginning is Pet Shop Boys - Hearts!

    17. Eufemio Beltran

      I love u Ava!!! c:

    18. MaJaHo 1111

      this deserves to be a full 3 minutes song

    19. Sneza Ristic


    20. Maiah Lavigne

      EU nunca vou superar essa música, cara perfeita dmas. Aaahhh,😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤, eu amo.

    21. Princess Queerbie

      hey violet vibes here

    22. Alifiya Roshan


    23. Sourbyoliviarodrigo_


    24. aman7090 aman7090

      this is 100% not any hate on ava I LOVE AVA but uh the only words are heaven, what, you, like

    25. Elisangela Vieira da Silva


    26. KLOSE FIFA

      Its a amazing

    27. Cecilia Pilar S.S


    28. mMgl.Y

      Love you 🥺🤍👑

    29. Sudesh Rani

      I actualy thought the heaven's gate opened when it started lol!!😂

    30. Tyler Martin

      Who else excited for heaven

    31. マスタージェダイ

      I love her songs.✨💍✨

    32. elena calderón toledo


    33. Feinman

      Ava Max 👍👍🤙🤙❤❤❤

    34. Robert Richard


    35. Meg Cressler

      I wish Ava made pop songs

    36. David Tamba

      Fck, i think u re Angel and Airwaves but im wrong XD

    37. agleh


    38. Maja Kocoń

      uwielbiam cie ava max


      This isn’t rlly like a song and definitely not the best song she ever made(song I’m talkin about is H.E.A.V.E.N

      1. Santiago Betancur

        is just at intro to the album

    40. NormanJ Gomez


    41. TheOrzech11 channel

      H x E x A x V x E x N

    42. Nora Lacroix


    43. Avas_Queens

      Love it 💖💖

      1. AVAtar

        Same sis

    44. Y/N L/N

      Love from Hong Kong! I’m young, but subscribed!!

    45. Bliss Campbell Weber

      U have the best voice

    46. Marisa Rodrigues

      Love this song!

    47. Molnár András

      A bit of 'Veridis Quo' from Daft Punk for me :D (I won't read all the comments, so I don't know if there are anyone else write something similar)

    48. Chill TV

      ava max event...........

    49. I hopes Ava Max notice me,cus she's one of my best idol

    50. Savo ZARIĆ

      Ava max

    51. Dionisio Luna

      You got me feeling H.E.A.V.E.N

    52. Hanča Zachová

      We need full version.

      1. Hanča Zachová

        @adi faiez I mean longer

      2. adi faiez

        This is the full version gurl

    53. Emily

      Your like heaven

    54. FroggyPlayz


    55. Wilderness Junkie

      Please can we have a full-length release of this song PLEASE. It' pure magic

    56. Kwiatek


    57. Norah ibrahim

      I feel so bad for Ava its sad my dads uncle died 2 months ago 😫

    58. Belladonna Dewish


    59. Ava Max Supremacy

      New AVATARS where you at?

      1. AVAtar


      2. grateful


    60. Heena Jashmin


    61. HiSebas

      i love it...................... i love this song ....

    62. chipika achumi

      Ava im falling❤❤❤❤❤

    63. andrea zavaleta


    64. The Nation

      The producer must be really talented

      1. The Nation

        @MaJaHo 1111 wow thx

      2. MaJaHo 1111

        his name is cirkut, he produced a few of kesha’s hits back in 2011-2012

    65. Alvin Smith

      She is a Queen

    66. Teddy Mayotte

      Lyrics: Look in the video

      1. AVAtar


    67. Fun with Cloudy

      I love your songs I am a hugh fan!

    68. Luis Alonso Castillo

      Amo esta canción, aunque dure unos minutos, yo amo este tema

      1. Avatarz

        vithrow.info/round/htOoq3lgpJlzrp0/video ♥️🎶

    69. Josh Burgin

      I love it!!! 🥰

    70. علي حسين

      Mash no seek foto

    71. Alessandro Santos

      A melhor foi a que fez menos sucesso 😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    72. Bohdan Naikus

      My version vithrow.info/round/aslmmHuXkb-k2nc/video

    73. CrystalCherry

      Happy Birthday Ava! I Love You So Much! 😍

    74. Krystyna Spytkowska


    75. Marylle German

      The hell is more view more than heaven I think he'll is more amazing song 😍😍😘

    76. max Eric

      Ava max rainha !!!!!

    77. Atlan Rahimov

      Ассалауумагалейкум 💐💐💐

    78. Preston Fazekas

      omg play this in x2 speed so good

    79. Pedro Renato Torres de Lima

      Beaultiful 😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏

    80. Bubbles

      I think it's really ridiculous that she is copying lady gaga !! Doesn't she have any ideas of her own? It would be cooler if something new lands on the music market!

      1. Bubbles

        @Santiago Betancur Oh no, I'm talking about her outfits and make-up, her facial expressions and gestures

      2. Santiago Betancur

        How is she coping lady gaga? Is just edm so every artist thet use edm is copyng gaga?

    81. TIME PASS

      It's a relaxation song ☺️ it could replace the binural beats music

    82. black crewx7


    83. Snow flakes

      This is so Beautiful💖

    84. Pedro Renato Torres de Lima

      Beaultiful 😍😍😍

    85. ĶÈRRÏÊ

      This song was released two days before my brother passed he loved your music now hes in heaven 🥺💙

    86. Sity maysaroh

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    87. sharon m byrne

      Wellcome ava max what such talent you have ❤️❤️❤️❤️👌ya album

    88. Order Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & Personal


    89. Order Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & Personal

      Ava can u pls tall me your username on roblox please

    90. Korean wave culture

      I agree

    91. veronikaforever

      Wow!!! It's so beautiful and mesmerising that i wish it is a full-scale song! Shame...

    92. Raptilyan

      10 years from now this will be nostalgic

      1. Avatarz

        vithrow.info/round/htOoq3lgpJlzrp0/video ♥️🎶

    93. Máté Utry


    94. Burhan Udin

      My favorit song

    95. Dora Minkova

      Lovely song Ava Max 💕 ❤ 😍 💖 💗

    96. carmina music

      i love u ava

    97. Pennywise Music

      I like how this song is turning out, its coming along nicely, A continuation (this is totally non-official and I hope you all like this as well) Normally your so far away I can't touch, It feels like more than a everyday crush . So if there is some perfection between you and me, Then its a possibility. You're more than I could hope for, . HEAVEN IS WHAT youre like, oh heaven is what youre like, heaven is what youre like

    98. Ishan Garg

      All though this is good but I like hell better 😅!!