Ava Max - Christmas Without You [Official Audio]

Ava Max

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    1. mantas degutis

      So good song omg i love this song i can listen this song all weak Ava u my favorite🥰🥰🥰😍🙂🙂

    2. 藤田和之

      Soon Christmas season is coming. Many Christmas songs are. But The best loving song is "THis"! I ever heard!

    3. marked1x

      Here in September 2021. Cuz I need this already!

    4. Yanna Metran

      here comes xmas :)

    5. Iverson Guma

      It's bermonths again,i can finally sing thissss

    6. jermaine regalo

      i remember someone in this song we met in september,we fell in love in december and now he left me.

    7. Matthew Johnson

      Autumn is upon us 1st September where has this year gone whoes looking forward to Christmas 🎄🎄🎅🎅⛄⛄❄️❄️

    8. Ava Max Supremacy

      It's September Baby

    9. Rain Casas

      she posted the song oct. 16 my birthday: oct 14 2 days before

    10. gicll ggy


    11. Phoebe Wathen

      The best singer ever makes the best Christmas song ever

    12. DerkleineGoblin

      I love this melody

    13. thais

      Christmas is coming and this song's ready to rise on the charts purrr

    14. Jefferson Martin

      can't wait to play this song these bermonths!!!

    15. Hiên Vũ Thị

      I love you ava max 😍

    16. Matthew Johnson

      Whoes looking forward to Christmas 🎄🎄🎅🎅⛄⛄❄️❄️

    17. shazk21

      I miss Christmas sill have to get my tree and fire ready

    18. TubeShapt 🎶

      A Perfect for Christmas I loved Ava Max

    19. TubeShapt 🎶

      Music Wow AvaMax


      This song deserves more attention

    21. mitachy Rivas

      You are a queen Ava and those high pitches love them

    22. Jonas-Johannes Reisch

      Where are my Grinches? ❤️

    23. Ajla Godaj

      Who is as mad as me and is listening this song in july!!😅😂😂😂

    24. The Carrots Gold


    25. dian rubianti

      This song "Christmas without you" by AvaMax came from Dian Rubianti's home by Dian Rubianti's voice ( A song belong to Dian Rubianti/owned by Dian Rubianti).. This song was created (composed) by Dian Rubianti by singing alone in home as home private art daily song creation (this song written by Dian Rubianti)../composition melody & style/how to sing this song created by Dian Rubianti/came from Dian Rubianti. Song produced by Dian Rubianti Taken as stealing private home daily song creation of Dian Rubianti. Reproduced by AvaMax with The other's lyrics/AvaMax's lyrics IN original full composition song melody and style (how to sing this song) came from Dian Rubianti/sung by Dian Rubianti/created by Dian Rubianti. New song creation of 3rd Millenium by Dian Rubianti. 181181 X

      1. Oryx

        Lmao you copy this text to all of Ava video music and change the name 💀💀 Just stop, it's embarrassing ‼️😻

    26. Laura Angeli

      Im falling love with you, ava! You're sooo amanzing

    27. grateful


    28. Pink Donut


    29. Jon Crawford

      Me back in 2020 so excited for Xmas and now I’m not because of this virus 🦠

    30. Nilushi Hettiarachchi

      2:35 whistle note😁😁

    31. kim Tata

      Am I the only one who is single and still feel the song 🥺🤧??

    32. Laylah’s world 1

      My cousin knows the whole song😂💗

      1. grateful

        as she should 😻

    33. Maria Rinta-Rahko

      This song is so good.

    34. 420OnGod

      🌹🌹🌹 Beauty even within the darkness, your light and energy shine brighter than any star. -420ongod

    35. KLOSE FIFA

      I hope my god to see you in soon because im very sad when i dont see you 😭😭😭

    36. Sleepy Cats


    37. Nguyen Sandy

      It’s summer in Canada now and VIthrow recommended me this lovely song 😍😍

    38. FrancescoPio Venturiello

      am I listening this song in summer? yes.

    39. Giannelle Risco

      is it May? Yes. do I give a fuck? no not one.

    40. EDM MIX

      I love this song

    41. ניר מנג'ם

      Its so good🤧🤧🤧

    42. Ayesha Smiles

      fun fact: the "candy cane" is actually her hair :)

    43. Jaden Dewar

      almost summer but still vibing to this

      1. Hannes Daverda

        Me too

    44. マスタージェダイ


    45. Samantha Pickett

      Bradley James is the man I want to kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas!!

    46. Aleksander Smiglak

      It's spring and I'm listening to Christmas song

      1. вarтeĸ


    47. D Kimi


    48. Arleth Herrera


    49. HRV 35

      Wtf ,why i always find more christmas songs i never heard before in spring or summer

    50. Amena Begum

      Perfect thing to hear after waking up from a good sleep

    51. Ola_aa_

      who is listening in 2021?

    52. Princess Isabella sister of Athena RL👸🏼

      Hi Ava max I am such a fan of your music and I just wanted to say you are amazing and I listen to all of your songs all day long and you are one of a kind and I wish that we could meet and be best friends and my little sister really likes your song kings and queens and we both think that you are a queen 👸🏼 and you are so great at everything you do and sing so thank you so much for making my sister and I so happy and she loves singing this song and dancing with it so thank you so so much.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕👸👸👸👸👑👑

    53. KPOP IDOL'S🇰🇷


    54. ViktorKing9x9


    55. Aesthetic cutie

      I just love it so much I’ve heard it before and I was like singing early I was like what is it called?

    56. Jungkook Loves Cookies

      Chorus part was the best❤️

    57. Phoenix Force

      Petition to make a Music Video!

    58. Katrina LiCheng

      I love this song, that I can't stop listening to it!

    59. Abinash Rabha

      I like it!

    60. Emmie Snoek


    61. ♥︎Complex_Bella♥︎


      1. ♥︎Complex_Bella♥︎

        Sorry awesome!

    62. Ash_2003

      I miss Christmas 🥲❄️❄️

    63. Patrik Šebák


    64. CYCLE-SPEED-TRAINER your outdoor trainer

      Nothing like a snowie X-Mass day with a hotty cuppa coco and a Ava muzikVID. Love IT. We happy now. mobeleash

    65. אביגיל עובדיה


    66. אביגיל עובדיה


    67. CrystalCherry

      Happy Birthday Ava! I Love You So Much! 😍

    68. Heidi Young

      You're awesome Ava :D

    69. Dylan Browne

      I have a playlist called "ava max" specifically for all her songs. I love her songs all of them

      1. NowstreamIt

        vithrow.info/round/mZ2DymR1bLKZsaE/video 🎶💖

    70. Demi Sweete

      2:28 to 2:36 just wow 👏 😍

    71. Tyler C

      hello again roblox guy long time no see

      1. Tyler C

        get it roblox guy cause you have a roblox concert

    72. Bubbles

      I think it's really ridiculous that she is copying lady gaga !! Doesn't she have any ideas of her own? It would be cooler if something new lands on the music market!

      1. Stephanie Cheridor

        Stop being a hater. Her and lady gaga have 2 different styles

    73. svatopluk kopecek

      Very gooooood song.🙂

    74. little kiwi

      The way she sings Cause is my new religion.

    75. Kennadie Pell


    76. umutcan Civelek 2

      Avamax I love you chrıstmas without you

    77. Mimi Raps

      who's still listening?

    78. 박미진

      Wow good

    79. Rehema Walters

      found this late,,, feels like a late Christmas gift

    80. this is so good!

    81. Cutie Jenjen

      i follow Joochan golden child for this

    82. cordyy

      I hear rumours that ava max is sweet but physco , it's kinda freaking me out and making me torn , like OMG? But so am I and it's our way , and my way . I guess we were born to the night haha , who's laughing now ? Oh and , my head and my heart are going to explode because Christmas without you is a hit!!

    83. Phyllis Sky

      i dont no how she does it i bet won day shes gonna be so famoss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    84. Lexi Marie

      Abc bg$ vid gvvgg*

    85. Joshua Cely


    86. Charles Yared


    87. Charles Yared


    88. Lucia Rendina

      beautiful song

    89. Its Bubble


    90. Jaydin Boston

      This isn't just my new Christmas song im gonna be listening to this everyday cos damn this is catchy

    91. Pata Ambroo

      Best song! 😱😱👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    92. Юрій Павленко

      Happy New year!!!👍👍👍

    93. no name

      I love you

    94. Hermann Eicher

      Great song but boring video

    95. 최세움


    96. Mario Kehrer


    97. Jatna Pérez Ruiz

      This is a very sad song. For all those who are not with us today ❤

    98. Pedro Cação

      Wow!She's got talent!

    99. Dewi Gangga Puspita Retno Pertiwi

      yeah without uuuuu

    100. Melody Base

      "It won't feel like Christmas without you"

      1. Sincere Lyrics

        Avamax very beautiful Lyrics vithrow.info/round/aa9_z4RmqLFmroM/video watch cy