Ava Max - Kings & Queens (amfAR’s A Gala For Our Time)

Ava Max

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    Sending all my love to the amfAR team for the incredible work they do. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of A Gala For Our Time and thank you to everyone who has donated so far 💚 www.amfar.org/gala

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    1. Xl98

      I can listen to her voice for the rest of my life 🪐✨

    2. Will

      I just want clap to this amazing performance! You're amazing Ava!♡

    3. AVA MAX FAN 4E

      O My god


      She isn't even lip sinking😮😮😮

    5. Jelly Sso

      Perfection! 😍❤️

    6. Marjolein Rook

      She can sing love her voice!

    7. firstname lastname

      ...intelligence agencies and deep states and capitalism effect on media effect on people


      From 1:23 to 1:32 is extremely good

    9. Puipuia Ralte

      You are the great..... 👍

    10. Aline Lima Vitorio

      Incrivelmente PERFEITA.

    11. vincent ko

      your so at singing


      How many people like Ava max, how many people say her beautiful? And how many people watch it in September?

    13. Tenom Fenom

      Perfect ❤Love ❤.

    14. Officer Boke-p

      wow that dress is so awesome,but what's the button on the bust dress for, is it the secret button?

    15. NormanJ. Gomez


    16. Safna K.S

      Energetic voice 💕

    17. John Smith

      You need new songs.

    18. SANAA DA DOLL .


    19. Vel Jayco Palmes

      damn so good

    20. CHU YEE JING Moe


    21. Navillah Gandawali

      Yas queen your Soo aesthetic

    22. April Taylor

      A stunning performance by a equally stunning performer.....bravo ava

    23. Sam Girasol

      OMG! How beautiful !!

    24. Khánh Ly_lily

      love u from VietNam

    25. chloe large

      Is this a remix?

      1. chloe large

        Somebody pls tell me

    26. Rafo paffoebuffolo

      Jess M wrote : one of the singers who can ACTUALLY sing. I say : True, she can Sing.

    27. Pasta

      stop trying to gay up the world. Those who are are. Those who aren’t aren’t. That’s the way it is.

    28. Bronaia Wisam

      Rhis woman is one of the rarest srtest that has an amazing voice without outotune 🤩🤩🤩

    29. Galih Punto

      It was better than the studio record

    30. Arturo Garcia

      Orele😁🌬️🍃🌹🌍 walking with God🕊️

    31. bobzkie Bertulfo

      Love you avamax

    32. Pinksa Gamer

      im a girl but i like her a lot

    33. gicll ggy


    34. saheli Banerjee

      Someone who can proudly say that I'm a singer ( not a rap artist , full autotune , nepotism )

    35. Jenny Chu

      So beautiful

    36. Risuk Sukhlain

      Hi I want to sing with you so badly our have the same voices

    37. ben

      Te lumt Shqipe.


      I LOVE YOUR VOICE ❤️❤️❤️❤️


      Your voice is very good. I like it😊😊😊

    40. Fatikhu Rizqi

      I am lov you 💓💓💓

    41. Jennifer Glydon

      Your my favorite singer

    42. HOE WAI KENG Moe

      i wont get noticed by her :(

    43. Marcos De Franceschi

    44. Johanna White

      Just love this girl

    45. Yermila Martinez


    46. Анатолий Кучер


    47. LAW SUE ANN Moe

      Her voice is so BEAUTIFUL 🤩

    48. Idol Ninja Gaming

      We want Ava Max X BLACKPINK

    49. TY Nguyễn

      your music is so good❤️❤️❤️

    50. Jocelyn Mira

      A true Queen 👑 that is so talented that can sing dance and many more. I 😍 luv YAAA Ava Max!!!!!!! 😭 😭

    51. The Sisters

      Yasss queen she is my fav

    52. Gani Gasi

      Juste magnifique cette version ! Un pure bonheur ! Falemindirit !

    53. Dianelys Blanco González

      I think that she is one of the few singers who doesn't use autotune Her voice is Wow

    54. samuel R.

      She doesn’t needs autotunes , autotunes needs her

    55. Sefryan Febriano

      Avaaaaa😭💙 We are Avatars very excited for AM2 and Your Big Announcement in this Month!!!! so sooooooo excited 💙🔥

    56. NellaCZ WolfTiger


    57. Mii777Mii

      Oh my god ! Her voice is so perfect & pure🥺💘

    58. _cassy_

      I love her songs, from the first time I heard one of her songs on the radio, I dind knew it was her, but I thought ~this is my new favorite song~ now she’s my idol✨ love ur music Ava❤️❤️

    59. army for ever

      I really her voice , she is perfect 😍😍😘😎

    60. petmalu tv

      Wow omg ava. So beautiful. My gf looked a bit like you,, haha but she is curly.your hair is straight. Just saying

    61. Laura Grabowska

      Cześć kochana

    62. Mohammed shafil123

      Her sound 💗💞💯💥

    63. Andrew Potter

      Ava 💚💚💚💚💚💚



    65. Adam Haris

      I'm not even regret this recommended me in yt🤩🤩

    66. BTS ARMY


    67. Samantha Powers

      The most powerful singer of this decade. Shame she did not win Grammy for this.

      1. AVAtar

        @joe Brady what non sense she lives in us

    68. beauty

      Wow my favourite song ♥️♥️👏👍😌

    69. Ayoung Kim Seok

      The dress is a bit to much but she DoES have the best voice in the world

    70. İnci Abdurahmanlı

      This is my favourite song✨

    71. nana shaji


    72. Ardenna

      When you are here as a rock, metal music lover and listen to Ava Max all day long, you know she is special. A REAL singer who can sing and deserve a dozen Grammy awards.

      1. joe Brady

        She’s not aloud in the U.S sadly :c

    73. Baby Girl Lucas

      By the way that gala outfit is on Fleek

    74. Addi Bishop

      This is the song I'm gonna listen to before I come out to my parents❤💛💚💙💜 love yourself

    75. TheMelbournelad

      Ava Max is one that sounds amazing un tweaked by record people

    76. Musa Tuncel


    77. filzonik film

      Again 🙄 Put you have already had that song already .

    78. Alicem Grande

      we both know you're the most beautiful girl in the world....

    79. Narges Hosseini

      Am I the only one who thinks if Ava & Lady Gaga do a song together it will be amazing?! 😍💗✨

    80. Milly Playz Adopt me!

      wow she is beautiful and her voice is beautiful too

    81. Erika Gould

      Why is this woman not performing at the Grammys, etc...? Why is she not more popular? More radio play? She is sooo... much better than some of the "popular" ladies out there. Am I missing something????

    82. Jeffrey Taylor

      1:14 yasssssssssss mama werk

    83. Jennifer Nielson

      Stunning performance!!!

    84. mo my

      very good

    85. Sleepy Editx

      RIP autotune

      1. jayhematite

        The attention you don't want it going to come because of the simple fact you think you can criticize people without being mature,I'd like to see you do better

      2. jayhematite

        The attention you want is not even coming

      3. jayhematite

        You really want attention huh

      4. jayhematite


    86. Anirlann's diary

      I love ava max she is beautiful voice💞💞💞

    87. Sayyid Muhammad Riduan


    88. Elin Hubacher

      The Pink Hair is not so good vor the Green Outfit

      1. Elin Hubacher

        Or not

    89. The Hamsters

      Compared to the other kings and queens I saw this is the only one she was calm

    90. Zdog

      she is so good at singing :)

    91. Abu Norah

      I love it

    92. Sopo jarwo

      So beautifull

    93. 👑Queen Sabiha👑

      Wow She look like a Barbie Doll ❤️💝😍

    94. Ronald Kok513

      Cute ava

    95. Elloise lawley

      I love your real voice ❤

    96. hassan jamal

      Thank you signing this song

    97. Elmira Joshepira Almachzumi

      So Beautiful :)

    98. Leila Hill Godfrey

      It’s like she never uses auto tune in her songs

    99. SM Nation

      Must be cold in there

    100. Marjoerie Adube

      People said she was lip synching but this prove she is singing live people just can't accept the fact that she sings well