Crafting pop anthems with a much-needed dose of fiery female empowerment, Ava Max is a unique new talent, blessed with a seismic voice, an individualistic high fashion mindset, and an undeniable knack for cinematic, theatrical popcraft.

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  1. Patricia Izzo

    She's the best singer I love her videos

  2. Leon Lüsch

    Lil Bit Stronger

  3. Meg

    Love this song, but she looks, dances and sounds exactly like Lady Gaga. A carbon copy of her.

  4. Faward Razeek

    Why has she taken another song and made it hers? This song belonged to another group. Has she got their consent to use their music in her music?

  5. Atharva Jadhav

    Who are listening Masterpiecein2021

  6. Candy

    متى حتقص الجزء الثاني من شعرها ههه بس الاغنية حلوة

  7. Camila Montoya Chavez


  8. Camila Montoya Chavez


  9. Lauri nieminen

    Pretty often those singers who has very good voice and who can sing arent good looking in my opinion but Ava, she is on another level.

  10. Lance Bluee

    I really love your music *.* you have a new fan #1

  11. Gabriele Lotti

    This song is not more listened so much but it as a special place in my heart

  12. Diyanwita Ghosh

    💙💙💙💙💙💙💙blue yayayaayayay!!!!!

  13. Javi B


  14. Priscilla Estevez

    I love her songs there really cool

  15. flower cat

    If I had to choose no more Ava max or being be mute cuz Ava max is the best ❤🤜🤛

  16. Mohan muralidharan Gangadharan

    In 2022 how many peoples are listening with me 😁

  17. Subal Das

    I like this song very much and music also

  18. Sangita Kumari

    Ava should make this song solo!!

  19. Ayşe Akgül

    thats heat

  20. Faiza l o v e 🥰

    Ahhh I can’t tooo good my ears are like yasssss queen

  21. Namutebi Sara

    I came from TikTok

  22. N E X O N


  23. sunkweenn

    Omgggg😣 her voice is just 📈 like 😶

  24. Alicia

    She is perfect

  25. SOLODY

  26. SOLODY

  27. SOLODY

  28. SOLODY

  29. SOLODY

  30. SOLODY

  31. SOLODY

  32. SOLODY

  33. OJ Mayo Light

    Literally obsessed with this song still

  34. Night mare

    Great Great Great

  35. Shimon Margulis


  36. moonbyuls poo

    one week already?- wow school made miss so much

  37. Simple Dimple シ︎

    My one of favs singer!

  38. Emilio Gonzalez Pastoriza

    Hola 🖐️ saludos 👋

  39. Emilio Gonzalez Pastoriza

    Hola 🖐️ saludos desde España 🇪🇦

  40. Руслан Леурдо

    Мне больше понравилась как танцует дама в белом комбезе ,белая.

  41. ANIME JAPON 🇯🇵


  42. Sаsha TV


  43. Linna Mahama



    I want THE VIDEOO





  47. Doris Sinen


  48. Doris Sinen


  49. Doris Sinen


  50. Noor Jan


  51. saelom217

    Kratos' favorite song

  52. Javi B


  53. Hari Prasath


  54. Carolyn Cook

    I love your song called sweet but sychoo

  55. Will

    I just want clap to this amazing performance! You're amazing Ava!♡

  56. namjoon ki expensive girl :)

    She deserve more. 💜

  57. Skyē Esports

    Her music is like MCR... "Has meaning..."

  58. SEMEon S-man

    красивая девушка \ как огонь

  59. Lovely Splash Gaming

    Love it 💖

  60. Vera Koster

    Hey Ava, if I'm sad or i just feel bad and i listen to your songs I'm always in a good mood. To be honest i always listen to your music❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for the best music i ever heard❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  61. Lana Waree

    Who is the man in mv

  62. Fragaile

    fucking banger

  63. Marya


  64. Marya

    SO COOL ❤

  65. KentBenedict

    Her saying so am I sound so heavenly.

  66. Nicolas Beaunez


  67. Nicolas Beaunez

    Story pig french love ava england

  68. Nicolas Beaunez

    Do you want a pig french

  69. Nicolas Beaunez

    I m a pig trench 2021

  70. Nejra Zeqiri